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Ugly and Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Ugly and Tacky Christmas Sweaters
We all know that the holiday season means the return of the good old ugly Christmas sweater.
Old and ugly Christmas sweaters are so obnoxious.
They weren't meant to be, but they just are.
That's what makes them so much better than new, tacky sweaters.
Most people like the old ones; the ones they remember their teachers wearing or their grandmother made for them.
Ah yes, vintage ugly Christmas sweaters are great.
This video is just to give you a bit of nostalgia for the old, ugly Christmas sweaters you've long ago tossed or forgotten. Or maybe not.
What's New With Ugly Sweaters this Season?
Justin Bieber wore a $1,650 "Fair Isle Varsity Jacket" Christmas sweater jacket combo back in 2011 that could be on eBay by now:
The Atlanta rapper, 2 Chainz has created a line of ugly Christmas sweaters:
Then there are arguably the 9 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters In Holiday Movies To Get Inspired By:
If you must make an ugly Christmas sweater, here is a good Youtube video on how to do it.
In the meantime check out my Youtube video below.
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